Man Passed Out In Car At Pennywise Arrested For Possession Of Crack Cocaine


By Tiffany Williams –

On Saturday at 2:12 p.m. Worcester Police responded to the parking lot on the side of Pennywise for a person passed out in a car.

The responding officer upon arrival located the vehicle and knocked on the window to wake up the occupant of the vehicle.

Once the occupant of the vehicle was awake and speaking to the officer, the officer saw in the center cup holder a bottle of vodka with the cap missing.

The officer also saw in the drivers side door handle, a small baggy which the officer believed inside the baggy was a white rock like substance.

Detective Mark Tivnan and officer Jose Ortiz responded to assist the responding officer at which time the occupant of the vehicle was removed from the vehicle and placed under arrest.

The occupant in the vehicle was identified as Victor Brooks and was charged with possession of a class B substance.

On Tuesday, Brooks was arraigned in Worcester District Court and was released on his personal recognizance (ROR). Brooks is due back in court in courtroom 15 on June 27.

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