Worcester Police Arrest Great Brook Valley Apartments Stabbing Suspect


By Tiffany Williams –

On Friday afternoon around 4:39 p.m. Officers Paul Noone and Joe Atchue with the Worcester Police Department responded to 250 Constitution Ave. for a medical call.

By the time the officers had arrived at the address, the person had already been transported to an area hospital and taken into surgery with multiple stab wounds.

Officers were informed that an individual entered the victims apartment without permission and stabbed him.

With the help of video surveillance, police were able to identify that individual to be Angel Javier Vazquez.

On video Vazquez is seen entering the victims apartment and then as he exits the apartment he is seen walking towards a wooded area.

A K9 Officer was called to search the area and while officers did not find Vazquez, they did recover from the area a bloody knife.

Vazquez was later seen by officers walking from Constitution Ave. towards Tacoma St. with a bottle of Corona beer in his hand and officers arrested him for the open container.

At Police Headquarters the Detective Bureau questioned Vazquez about the stabbing incident and He admitted to detectives that he was at the victims apartment.

Vazquez has been charged with A&B with a dangerous weapon with serious bodily injury, armed assault with intent to kill, home invasion and open container of alcohol.

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