By Tiffany Williams –

On Saturday at 2:39 a.m., officers assigned to the Worcester Police Operations Division last half shift responded to 39 Esther St. for a reported home invasion.

Officers arrested Sharkey Todd, 40, of Towle Dr. Holden who was positively identified by the victims and witnesses as the suspect.

Victims and witnesses informed officers that the suspect entered apartment number two and shoved two female victims before kicking in an interior door and pulling a firearm from his waistband.

Todd then forced six victims into a room and told them they were all going to die.

Officers were also informed that Todd told one of the victims “now were going to finish what should have been done.”

Todd was referring to a previous incident.

Officers charged Todd with six counts of assault DW (firearm), six counts of kidnapping, two counts of intimidation, armed assault in a dwelling and vandalism.