Worcester Police Arrest Man For Kidnapping And A&B On A Elderly Person


By Tiffany Williams –

On Friday Worcester Police responded to 24 Butternut Hill Drive for a check on the welfare. Upon arrival officers met with several individuals who told them that Isaiah Soto, 22, of 24 Butternut Hill Drive had been verbally abusive towards another resident of 24 Butternut Hill Drive.

Police were also informed that Soto was forcing the other resident to make expensive purchases against their will.

Soto allegedly told the other resident that if they didn’t take him to Best Buy to get a Nintendo Wii U, he would burn the house down.

Soto was not at the address at the time so police left but returned later on Friday.

When officers returned, Soto was at the address and they had a conversation with Soto.

During the conversation one of the officers did a check on Soto and it was determined that he had several warrants for his arrest.

Soto was arrested on the warrants and was additionally charged with two counts of threatening to commit a crime (Arson and murder).

On Saturday another resident of 24 Butternut Hill Drive who is 85-years-old, informed police that during an argument Soto placed a knife against their throat, made past threats towards them and at one point in the past Soto forced the elderly victim to withdraw cash from an ATM and buy him items from multiple stores.

Based on the victim statement from Saturday, Soto was additionally charged with kidnapping, A&B on +60/disabled and A&B with dangerous weapon.

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