Steven Dillon In Custody Without Bail After Section 58A Hearing


By Marilyn Gutierrez –

On Wednesday, December 25, 2019 Worcester Police responded to 47 Acton Street at 9:00 p.m. for a report of a person with a gun.

A female called police and informed the dispatcher that her mothers boyfriend had a shotgun. The female told the dispatcher the person with the shotgun was Steven Dillon and that her brother saw Dillon with the shotgun.

While enroute to 47 Acton Street Officer Brian Powers informed responding officers over the radio that Dillon had prior gun charges on his record.

Upon arrival at 47 Acton Street Sgt. Lopopolo had officers Conway and Caneen take up a position in the rear of the dwelling while Sgt. Lopopolo with officers McCarthy, Vega and Klucznik made entry through the front of the dwelling and made their way to the second floor. Officer Caneen informed officers over the radio that Dilon was outside of the female’s door attempting to gain entry. With the information they had just received from officer Caneen, officers in the front hallway knocked on the front door and announced their presence.

A male who fit the description of Dillon that was provided to officers as they responded to the incident, opened the front door to the apartment and for officer safety he was without incident, placed in handcuffs. The male who was later identified as Dillon was moved to another area of the common hallway. Officers observed that Dillon was drunk and unsteady on his feet so he was asked to take a seat on the stairs in the common hallway leading to the third floor.

With the door to the second floor apartment now open, officers again announced their presence and then entered the apartment.

From inside the apartment officers recovered a Sawed-Off Shotgun from a front bedroom. Officers also recovered eleven “Birdshot Shells” and a “Slug Shell” from the front bedroom. Officers recovered two additional “Birdshot Shells” from the drop ceiling in the front bedroom. Officers Vega and Caneen stood by with the Sawed-Off Shotgun and CSU was notified to respond.

Officers talked with the female who called police and she informed them that she and her cousins were celebrating christmas while her mother and her fiance (Dillon) were at a party. The female informed officers that her brother was in the living room watching TV while she was in her room with relatives when she overheard Dillon arguing with her brother. The female and relatives went to the living room to separate Dillon and the brother.

Dillon then began arguing with one of the relatives and then walked to the front bedroom. Dillon then returned to the living room with the shotgun and the female, brother and relatives ran to a bedroom in the rear of the apartment and barricaded themselves inside.

Officers also talked with the brother who informed officers that he was watching TV when Dillon who was at a party came home and started yelling at him. The brother told officers that he called for his sister as he walked towards her room in the rear of the apartment. After the argument the brother informed officers that he returned to the livingroom and that Dillon opened his bedroom door holding the shotgun. The brother said that Dillon told him not fuck with him and then cocked the gun. The brother again ran to the sisters room and this is when everyone barricaded themselves inside the room. Everyone in the apartment told officers that Dillon tried forcing his way into the bedroom and that they were all in fear for their lives. This is also when the female called police and stated that Dillon had a shotgun.

With the information that officers had from everyone in the house, Dillon was arrested and charged with assault with dangerous weapon (2cts), possession of firearm in felony, possession of Sawed-Off Shotgun, possession of loaded Sawed-Off Shotgun and carrying a loaded firearm without a license.

On Thursday, January 2, 2020 Dillon was in Worcester District Court for a dangerousness hearing. The court granted the Commonwealths Section 58A motion and Dillon was ordered held without bail at the Worcester County Jail for 120 days.

Dillon will be back in court on February 6 for a probable cause hearing.

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