By Jesus Ortiz –

On Friday afternoon at 1:15 p.m. while patroling the area of Blue Hill River Road in Milton, Trooper Stephen Hazelton conducted a random RMV inquiry on a vehicle traveling in front of him. The results of the inquiry revealed that the registration was revoked.

Trooper Hazelton initiated a stop of the vehicle and informed the operator of the vehicle why he was stopped.

During a conversation with the the operator of the vehicle, Trooper Hazelton was given the name Cornelius Bell.

After a check it was revealed that the name Cornelius Bell had been previously used as an alias for someone with multiple firearms and narcotics charges.

This name geiven to Trooper Hazelton was the true name of the operator of the vehicle who was identified as Cornelius Bell, 39, of Boston and his license was revoked.

Trooper Hazelton removed Bell from the vehicle and Bell was placed under arrest. During a search of Bell, Trooper Hazelton recovered a large plastic bag containing 34 individual baggies, totaling 35 grams in weight, of suspected crack cocaine.

Bell was taken to the State Police barracks in Milton to be booked and bail for Bell was set at $100,000.

Eventually Bell was taken to Quincy District Court for arraignment and was charged with trafficking in cocaine, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked registration, motor vehicle operator providing false name to police, operating a motor vehicle without insurance and operating a motor vehicle with license not in possession.