State Police Arrest Bayside, N.Y. Man In Sturbridge For Trafficking Marijuana


By Jesus Ortiz –

On Wednesday night around 8:35 p.m., Trooper Michael Barrera was on patrol in the area of Exit 3A on Route 84 in Sturbridge when he observed a vehicle merge onto the off-ramp at 50 miles per hour. The speed limit on the ramp is 30 miles per hour so Trooper Berrera stopped the vehicle on Route 20 eastbound and identified the operator as Alexander Kong, 40, of Bayside, N.Y.

Troopers Joel Daoust, James Melberg, and Matthew Gray responded to assist Trooper Berrera and the Troopers received consent to search the vehicle.

From the vehicle, Troopers recovered more than 362 pounds of a substance believed to be marijuana inside three cardboard boxes, seven duffel bags and seven trash bags. Each one-pound marijuana package was heat-sealed.

Kong was arrested for trafficking marijuana and was also cited for speeding.

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