State Police Arrest Springfield Man With Loaded Firearm And 23 Grams Of Crack Cocaine


By Sam Ramirez –

On Tuesday night just before midnight, Trooper Patrick Dolan was on patrol in the area of 91 Southbound when he observed a black Acura sedan traveling at a high rate of speed.

Trooper Dolan also observed the vehicle registration was revoked at which time he pulled the vehicle over and identified the operator of the vehicle as Haner Nunez, 21, of Springfield.

Due to the revoked registration the vehicle was going to be towed so Trooper Dolan asked Nunez and a passenger to exit the vehicle.

While conducting a tow inventory of the vehicle, Trooper Dolan recovered a loaded firearm, a large plastic bag containing individual wrapped baggies of a substance believed to be Crack Cocaine and multiple wax packets of a substance believed to be Heroin.

Trooper Dane Jobst responded to assist Trooper Dolan in placing Nunez under arrest at which time the Troopers recovered over $1,900 in cash along with two cell phones from Nunez.

The total amount of narcotics seized was 23 grams of Crack Cocaine and 40 small packets of Heroin.

Nunes was charged with possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm, possession of a firearm while in commission of a felony, trafficking in cocaine, possession of a class A drug with intent to distribute, possession of ammunition without an FID card, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked registration, receiving stolen property and speeding.

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