By Zachary Cantu –

On February 19, 2020 Ahkeel Civil, 19, of 29 Laurel Street Apt. 10 appeared in Worcester District Court charged with larceny from a person.

On October 12, 2019 Mr. Civil went to the Starbucks on E. Central Street to meet a person and possibly purchase an IPhone 7. The person and their brother also went to the Starbucks on E Central Street with the intention of selling the IPhone 7 to Mr. Civil.

When Mr. Civil met the person at the Starbucks he requested to see the phone, the person gave the phone to Mr. Civil who then took off running with the phone in the direction of Plumley Village.

The person and their brother chased after Mr. Civil however because they were out of breath they gave up Chasing Mr. Civil in the area of 29 Laurel St.

While running, Mr. Civil dropped the phone and smashed the screen.

February 19, on order of payment of $300, the case was dismissed and closed.