By Tiffany Williams –

On Monday at 5:25 p.m. Sgt Jason Gaumond of the Worcester Police Department observed Ryan Lindstrom in the area of 803 Main Street with another male who was identified as Edwin Resto, 19, of 33 Montgomery St. Westfield, MA. Lindstrom is known to the Worcester Police Department for previous incidents which involved illegal narcotics.

Sgt Gaumond observed both Lindstrom and Resto briefly converse and then Resto walked toward a building, looked towards the ground and then turned back to Lindstrom who gave Resto some money. After Lindstrom gave Resto some money, Resto pointed to the ground and Lindstrom retrieved an item from where Resto pointed.

Lindstrom looked at and inspected the item that he had just picked up and as he walked away, Sgt Gaumond observed him put the item into his left pant pocket. Based on what he had observed as well as his experience and training, Sgt Gaumond believed that a street level drug transaction had occurred between both Lindstrom and Resto.

Lindstrom was stopped on King street and recovered from him was rock cocaine. Resto could not be located but a BOLO with his photo was sent out to other units and at around 6:24 p.m. Worcester police officer Thomas Hurley observed Resto on Main Street in the area of Oread Street.

Sgt Gaumond also observed and confirmed that it was Resto in the area of Oread Street and with officer Alex Maracallo approached Resto on foot at which point Resto began to drink something and swallow something. Sgt Gaumond and officer Maracallo latched onto Resto and he was informed by Sgt Gaumond that he was under arrest.

Resto began attempting to resist arrest and while doing so he elbowed officer Maracallo in the left eye. Resto was taken to the ground and he continued to resist arrest at which point Sgt Gaumond delivered three distraction technique punches to Resto’s left shoulder and was eventually handcuffed and taken into custody.

Resto was charged with distribution of class B, resisting arrest and A&B on police officer.