By Sam Ramirez –

On Saturday, August 29, an officer with the Worcester Police Department was conducting surveillance in the area of Queen Street when they observed Hoang Nguyen counting money and then hand that money to Edwin Torres.

Torres put the money in what appeared to be a satchel around his body and after scanning the area for any police, he handed Nguyen some items.

Nguyen then left the area walking in the direction of 26 Queen Street. Officers nearby located Nguyen and stopped him. These officers recovered from Nguyen, a plastic baggie with six individually wrapped pieces of paper. Each individual piece of paper had what officers believed to be fentanyl. Nguyen was released and would later be summonsed into court.

After releasing Nguyen, officers then turned their attention back to Torres who they located walking on Main Street in the area of King St. with two other people.

Officers arrested Torres and he was charged with Distribution Class A (fentanyl).