Worcester Police Vice Squad Arrests 2 On Millbury Street On Drug Charges

On Thursday, August 25, 2022 at approximately 7:30 PM, the Worcester Police Vice Squad arrested Cassandra Mae Mcauliffe, 29, of Worcester and Julio E Nieves-Perez, 61, of Worcester. Mcauliffe was charged with possession of class E drug (subsequent offense), possession of class B drug (subsequent offense) and withholding evidence from official proceeding. Nieves-Perez was charged with distribution of class B drug (subsequent offense) and miscellaneous munic ordinance/bylaw violation.

As the result of complaints from residence in the Millbury Street neighborhood alleging open air drug dealing, prostitution, public intoxication and disorderly persons the Worcester Police Vice Squad on August 25, 2022 was monitoring the are of 48 Millbury Street. 

An officer observed a white Mercedes in the area of McGovern’s package store and observed Nieves-Perez approach the white Mercedes on the front passenger side. Nieves-Perez was observed by this officer lean into the front passenger window. This officer also observed Mcauliffe sitting on the sidewalk near the Mercedes. Mcauliffe handed Nieves-Perez cash and then Nieves-Perez reached back into the Mercedes with the cash in his hand. When he removed his arm from the car, this officer observed that Nieves-Perez no longer had the cash in his hand. The officer then observed Nieves-Perez place a small item in his left pocket. 

Based on their training and experience, the officer who was just standing 20 feet away from Nieves-Perez and Mcauliffe, believed they had just observed of Street level drug transaction. The officer observed the Mercedes pull drive away, Nieves-Perez reached into his left front pocket and handed Mcauliffe a small object.

The officer approached both Nieves-Perez and Mcauliffe, identifying himself as a Worcester Police Officer. Mcauliffe stood up, put her hands on a fence and then put something in her mouth. The officer gave her a verbal command to open her mouth and he observed a white substance wrapped in a clear plastic bag on the back of her tongue. Mcauliffe was asked to spit out the substance which the officer believed was crack cocaine. Mcauliffe refused and then swallowed the substance. While she was being arrested, the officer found on Mcauliffe, a prescription pill container with the label manipulated. The officer believed inside the container was 199 Gabapentin pills. 

Nieves-Perez was arrested also, as the officer believed he “middled” the drug transaction between the occupant of the Mercedes and Mcauliffe. When he was arrested, Nieves-Perez was holding an open container of Coors Light beer.

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