Erin M. Johnson Of Worcester Was Arrested In Auburn For Trafficking Methamphetamine

On Sunday, Auburn Police arrested Erin M. Johnson, 42, of Worcester for Methamphetamine Trafficking (18 grams or more, less than 36 grand), Unlawful Possession of Theft Detection Device Deactivator or Remover, and Receive Stolen Property.

While conducting a check of the Hampton Inn at 736 Southbridge Street, an Officer with the Auburn Police Department observed a motor vehicle parked with both driver side doors open. This officer while passing the motor vehicle observed that there was no one in or around this motor vehicle.

This officer parked his cruiser a couple spots away from this motor vehicle, exited his cruiser and on foot approached this motor vehicle. While this officer was approaching this motor vehicle, he allegedly observed Erin M. Johnson digging through the back seat. This officer also observed a cut and tied corner baggie on the ground outside the rear drivers side door where Erin M. Johnson was allegedly located.

This officer asked Erin M. Johnson if she was all set and she told him that she was looking for her car keys. As Erin M. Johnson stepped out of the vehicle, this officer observed what appeared to be another tied corner cut baggie on the floorboard inside the vehicle. 

Based on this officer’s knowledge, training and experience he believed that these tied corner cut baggies were narcotics and this was the in which they were transported/stored.

While this officer was having a conversation with Erin M. Johnson outside of the vehicle, she allegedly continued to reach for a purse inside the vehicle on the driver’s seat. This officer instructed Erin M. Johnson to wait. At the same time, this officer observed multiple jackets in the backseat with theft detection devices still attached. 

A second officer arrived at the location to assist the first officer. While this second officer was talking with Erin M. Johnson, the first officer, conducted a search of the vehicle. This officer had probable cause to search the vehicle based on his observations of narcotics in plain view as well as stolen merchandise in plain view.

This officer’s search of the vehicle started with the purse on the driver’s seat which Erin M. Johnson continued reaching for. This officer recovered from the purse a large quantity of a white-crystal like substance inside glassine bags along with some empty glassine bags. Based on this officer’s knowledge, training and experience he believed this to be crystal methamphetamines. Also recovered from the purse was a digital scale and a small Claire’s bag which had $545 and a “Alpha High Theft Solutions, S3 Handkey.” Based on this officer’s knowledge, training and experience he knew this to be a theft detection device removal device. 

From the center console of the vehicle, this officer recovered another baggie of a white-crystal like substance, a digital scale and a prescription bottle belonging to Erin M. Johnson.

A digital scale was also recovered from the glove box. This officer, while continuing his search recovered multiple knives, a reciprocating saw, pliers, a large crow bae, and a black CO2 pistol which looked like a semiautomatic handgun. 

In addition to the above items which were recovered during a search of the vehicle, there was a large amount of stolen merchandise , including jewelry, unopened tool batteries and clothing.

Erin M. Johnson was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Auburn Police Department for processing.

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