Gregory A Nelson Of Dorchester Arrested By Boston Police For Drug Trafficking

On March 1, 2023, Boston Police arrested Gregory A Nelson, 49, of Dorchester. Nelson was charged with Heroin/Opium/Fentanyl Trafficking (18 Grams or more, less than 36 Grams), and two counts of possession class B Drug.

On Wednesday March 1, 2023, at about 1:42 PM, members of the Boston Police Drug Control Unit (DCU) detailed to District B3 were conducting a drug investigation in the 

area of Talbot Ave in Dorchester. One of the officers assigned to this drug investigation observed a motor vehicle traveling on Talbot Ave away from Blue Hill Ave. 

Members of the B3 DCU are familiar with this motor vehicle from prior drug investigations in which during those investigations drugs were recovered from Gregory Nelson. The officer maintained surveillance of this vehicle and notified other members of the B3 DCU. 

Officers followed the vehicle to the area of Talbot Ave and Whitfield St, where they observed an unknown black male wearing a baseball cap, red and black jacket with blue jeans, enter the rear passenger seat. About five minutes later this unknown black male exited the vehicle and proceeded to walk away from the area on foot, while the vehicle began to leave the area in the direction of Talbot Ave and Washington St. 

Officers maintained surveillance and followed the vehicle to the area of Nightingale St and Wales St. where the vehicle parked around 88 Nightingale St.

At about 1:59 PM, officers observed a black Jeep SUV from Rhode Island park across from the vehicle that they had been watching.  Officers observed Nelson exit the front passenger side of his vehicle and proceed to enter the front passenger side of the black Jeep SUV. About five minutes later Nielson exited the front passenger side of the black Jeep SUV, and this vehicle proceeded to leave the area. Nelson was observed walking towards the front driver’s side of his vehicle and leaning into it and then was observed walking into 88 Wales St. 

An officer and detective assigned to the B3 DCU remained maintaining surveillance of Nelson’s vehicle while a Sergeant Detective and an officer from the B3 DCU maintained surveillance of the black Jeep SUV which parked on Talbot Ave.

While the black Jeep SUV was parked on Talbot Ave, an officer from the B3 DCU observed the unknown operator of the black Jeep SUV exit the vehicle and open the hood where he was observed to be manipulating something inside of his engine compartment. This unknown male began to leave the area on Talbot Ave towards Blue Hill Ave. 

Two officers and a Sergeant Detective assigned to the B3 DCU stopped the black Jeep SUV on Blue Hill Ave and Wales St to conduct a threshold inquiry with the operator of the vehicle. The operator was identified as Santo Richard Franco Guerrero. Guerrero did not have a Mass Driver’s license and handed the B3 DCU members a Dominican Republic license. Guerrero was placed into handcuffs and detained while B3 DCU members continued their investigation.

At about 2:18 PM, an officer from the B3 DCU observed Nelson exiting 88 Nightingale St and proceeded to enter the front passenger side of his vehicle. The Officer requested assistance with conducting a threshold inquiry with the occupants of this vehicle. 

With the assistance of marked Boston Police units the vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Talbot Ave and Nightingale St. The B3 DCU officer identified himself to Nelson, and informed Nelson of his observations and inquired if there were any drugs inside of the vehicle. Nelson informed the Officer that there could have been something inside of the vehicle. 

The B3 DCU officer requested Nelson step out of the vehicle to which he complied with. A pat frisk of Nelson’s body resulted in negative results at the time. During a pat frisk of the front passenger side where Nelson was sitting, Officer Leon observed a brown paper bag containing cigarettes and a clear plastic bag containing a tan powdery substance believed to be heroin (approximately 21 grams). The B3 DCU officer informed another B3 DCU officer of the recovered drugs. 

The operator of the vehicle was identified as Khanisha Felder Burwell. A pat frisk of Burwell resulted in negative results for drugs. 

Nelson was placed under arrest and transported back to District B3 to be processed and booked. During the booking process an officer found a tin foil wrap containing a hard off white rock like substance believed to be crack cocaine inside of Nelson’s front coat pocket. A folded dollar containing a white powdery substance believed to be powdered cocaine was recovered from inside of Nelson’s wallet. Additionally, 140.00 was seized from Nelson’s wallet during booking.

Due to traffic conditions, both Guerrero and his vehicle were brought back to District B3 for Officers to safely conduct a pat frisk of the vehicle which resulted in negative results for weapons or narcotics. Guerrero was released and will be summoned to Dorchester District Court for Operating a Motor Vehicle Unlicensed. Guerrero was also issued a Mass Uniform Citation. Guerrero’s vehicle was released to his wife Claudia Pimentel.

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