Boston Police Arrest Known Member Of Columbia Point Gang With A Firearm

On February 6, 2023. Boston Police arrested Mohamed B. Jalloh, of Dorchester. Jalloh was charged with carrying a firearm without a license, carrying a loaded firearm without a license, possession of ammunition without FID card, possession of a large capacity feeding device, possession of Class C drug, and he was issued a traffic citation for a seatbelt violation.

Detectives from C-11 were informed about an individual of interest in the area of 37 Bakersfield Street who has a known association to the Columbia Point gang.

While traveling on Bakersfield Street, officers observed the individual that were informed about, this male was matching the demographics of the person of interest.

Officers observed this male exit a courtyard through an opened gated entrance at 37 Bakersfield. These officers observed this male hurriedly cross the street and enter the rear passenger side of a black Toyota Rav4 that these officers believed was a rideshare vehicle. Officers continued traveling on Bakersfield Street, passing this vehicle which was parked on the left-hand side of the road outside of 37 Bakersfield. 

Officers again observed this vehicle on Columbia Road traveling in the direction of Columbia Point. And traveled through the JFK rotary and exit onto Mt. Vernon Street. 

Aware, that the person of interest is an associate with the Columbia Point gang and based on the previous observations, officers conducted an investigatory stop the vehicle.

A sergeant and and officer approached from the driver’s side while a second officer approached the the vehicle on the passenger side. 

The sergeant engaged the  operator of the vehicle while the officer on the passenger side of the vehicle engaged Jalloh regarding a seat belt violation. The officer asked Jalloh for his social security number which he was unable to provide. The officer was able to identify Jalloh by his MASS ID. 

While this officer was engaging Jalloh, the officer observed Jalloh to have rapid deep breathing which was visible from the rise and fall of his torso area. Theis officer also observed that Jalloh’s hand were visibly shaking when producing the picture of his ID on his cell phone. Jalloh also refrained from making eye contact with officer and aimlessly scrolled through social media. 

Jalloh was also wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat, which is known to officers to be associated with the Columbia Point gang. 

After performing a CJIS inquiry officers believed that Jalloh had an active warrant for his arrest. The warrant was issued to “Mohamed Jalloh” out of Boston University Police Department. At this time, Jalloh was told to exit the vehicle in which he was hesitant. Officers had to control Jalloh’s hands and remove him from the vehicle. He was instructed by officers to place his hands behind his back in order to place him in handcuffs. It was at this time that Jalloh began to tense up his arms showing further non-compliant behavior. 

While handcuffing Jalloh, the sergeant observed the suspect to have the top of his left arm continuously pinned to his body as if he was attempting to hold or conceal an object. The sergeant attempted to frisk this area of Jalloh’s body and while doing so a firearm fell to the pavement. Officers were then able to safely place the suspect in handcuffs. 

Officers were aware that due Jalloh’s age he is unable to obtain a license to carry (LTC).

Offficers recoverd a black and silver Smith and Wesson with a tan rubber band on the handle. from that pavement that fell from Jalloh. This firearm had a black extended magazine Inserted into it with 19 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition. There was no round in the chamber. 

Sgt. Merner transported the firearm in a brown evidence bag to District 11 for processing. A C11 Detective responded to District 11 to process the firearm.

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