Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award

2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award Criteria

With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Award, Crime Trackers Massachusetts seeks to recognize individuals and organizations that raise awareness of social injustice, speak on behalf of justice, celebrate diversity, and impel action in building a better future for all.

We hope to recognize those individuals and organizations that not only envision solutions to the many inequities that characterize the world we live in, but also have the courage to act and to persevere in the face of some very challenging circumstances. Award recipients will be those individuals and organizations that meet these criteria and embody the values articulated by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Examples of the types of honorees we seek are shown below. These categories are only examples. We wish to honor a wide range of honorees who serve our communities in a variety of ways. Please think broadly, and be creative as you think about potential nominees!

Example 1: Service and Advocacy: Who gives voice to the marginalized?
We encourage the nomination of individuals and organizations that provide services and/or advocacy for the human rights of those marginalized because of poverty, race or ethnicity, national origin, gender, age, or any other reason.

Example 2: Programs for Children: Who stands for our children?
We seek nominations for those individuals and organizations that invest their resources for the well-being of all children-especially those who would otherwise miss out on the many opportunities that a young life should offer. We are soliciting the nomination of individuals and organizations that confront the issues faced by children through effective programs and advocacy.

Example 3: Innovation for Change: Who has the courage to innovate?
Many people have devoted their lives to change, yet our world still struggles to provide equal access to resources, opportunity, and social justice. We know that in the pursuit of change, the most effective interventions are often the most innovative. We are soliciting the nominations of individuals and organizations that apply innovation and creativity to addressing societal issues. Our aim is to celebrate nominees that have constructed new ways to address persistent challenges in the lives of the marginalized.

Other criteria considered include:

  • Focus on changing the lives of people/communities in Massachusetts
  • Number of people serving/served
  • Innovation of the services provided
  • Stability and history of the organization (if applicable)

On the following form, we ask that you include in your nomination submission:

  • The name and contact information of the nominee.
  • A description of the nominee’s accomplishments.