Yvan T. Soup Of Worcester Is Wanted By Worcester Police

The Worcester District Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Yvan T. Soup, 18, of 87 Moreland St. Worcester. The warrant was requested by the Worcester Police Department.

Soup is charged with carrying a firearm without a license; carrying a loaded firearm without a license; possession of ammunition without FID card; possession of large capacity firearm; and improper storage of a large capacity firearm. 

Soup is described as being a Black male, with brown hair, brown eyes, 6 feet 160lbs. 

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Yvan T. Soup should call the Worcester Police Department at 508-799-8606. You can also send an anonymous text to 274637 TIPWPD + your message or send an anonymous web based message at worcesterma.gov/police. 

On August 12, 20222 Worcester Police arrested Raiek Mathews, 18, of Worcester. Mathews was charged with carrying a firearm without a license; possession of a Large capacity firearm; possession of ammunition without a FID card; store improperly a firearm; possession of a firearm while committing a felony; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon to wit motor vehicle; unlicensed operation; operating to endanger; failure to stop for police; failure to use signal/directional; speeding; failure to stop for stop sign; and equipment violation (Brake Light).

An officer with the Worcester Police Department, while on patrol in the area of Canterbury Street observed a motor vehicle parked in the opposite direction on the sidewalk. As this officer drove past the vehicle, they observed a male take a fanny pack from around his chest and toss it inside the vehicle. This same male looked startled and annoyed as this officer drove past him.

This same officer came back down Canterbury Street, traveling north and observed the motor vehicle now running and pulling off the sidewalk. This officer observed a rear brake light on the vehicle was partially out. This officer continued to follow the vehicle and observed the vehicle take a left turn onto Gardner Street from Canterbury Street, fail to stop for a stop sign at the intersection before turning left.

In the area of 38 Gardner Street this officer initiated a traffic stop. As this officer approached the vehicle they observed that the vehicle was occupied by two males. This officer officer further observed that the operator of the vehicle looked identical to the male standing outside of the vehicle earlier as the officer passed by it on Canterbury Street. The operator yelled out to this officer the he did not have a license and identified himself as being Ralek Mathews. The passenger identified himself as Yvan Soup.

As this officer waited for additional officers to arrive at his location and assist him, he observed Mathews acting frantically and looking around as if to be looking for an exit. At one point, Mathews asked this officer if he wanted him to pull up as he reached for the shifter. This officer, based on Mathews behavior, became concerned that there may possibly be a weapon in the vehicle. Being alone and concerned that there may possibly be a weapon in the vehicle, this officer continued attempting to calm down both males. This officer told both males to relax and multiple times had to instruct both males to stop moving around.

As two additional officers arrived to assist this officer, they were both informed that the two males may attempt to run and also that Mathews was under arrest for not having a Massachusetts driver’s license.  

This officer and another officer approached the Driver’s side of the vehicle and asked Mathews to exit the vehicle. Mathews instead he put his hand on the shifter and his other hand on the steering wheel. The officer assisting this officer opened the door, grabbed Mathews arm and advised him to stop. 

Mathews put the vehicle in drive with one of the officers partially in the vehicle. The first officer yelled stop multiple times as Mathews started driving west on Gardner Street heading towards Main Street dragging one of the officers for an unknown distance. 

The first officer informed dispatch that he had a failure to stop that dragged an officer and that the operator, Mathews was arrest-able on his probable cause for assault and Battery with a dangerous weapon. 

The officer then returned to his vehicle and went after Mathews, who took a right from Gardner Street onto Main Street, a left onto Oberlin Street, right onto Florence Street, left onto May Street, right onto Dewey Street, crossed Chandler Street, took a right onto Pleasant and then a left onto Hudson Street. 

The vehicle came to a stop on Hudson Street where both Mathews and Soup were placed in handcuffs. During this pursuit, Mathews violated multiple traffic laws and reached a speed of 50 mph. 

Mathews and Soup were both pat frisked as well as the vehicle and no weapons were found. The first officer also observed that the black fanny pack around Mathews chest was not in the vehicle. 

The officer informed dispatch and other officers that during the pursuit a black fanny pack may have been tossed from the vehicle. The officer retraced the area of the pursuit and eventually the black fanny pack was located in the area of 9 Gardner Street hanging out of a bush and looked as if it had just been tossed there.

A Polymer 80. (Ghost Gun) with no serial number was recovered from the fanny pack. The gun was loaded with a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds. 

The fanny pack was located on the north sidewalk of Gardner Street and it was determined that the fanny pack was tossed from the passenger’s side window.

The officer determined that neither Mathews nor Soup had an FID or LTC. Additionally, the officer determined that both Matews and Soup were inside the vehicle and that both had custody and control of the firearm recovered so both were charged. 

Soup was let go by Officers but after a preliminary field investigation, a warrant was sought for his arrest out of Worcester District Court.

Soup has two open cases currently out of Worcester District Court and has a violent juvenile record which includes armed robbery; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (handgun); aggravated assault and battery and multiple assault and battery charges.

In his first open case out of Worcester District Court, Soup is charged with unarmed burglary and vandalizing property. 

In his second open case out of Worcester District Court, Soup is charged with trespass; disorderly conduct; and resisting arrest.

The fact that a person has been charged with a crime is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Again, anyone who knows the whereabouts of Yvan T. Soup should call the Worcester Police Department at 508-799-8606. You can also send an anonymous text to 274637 TIPWPD + your message or send an anonymous web based message at worcesterma.gov/police.

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