Worcester Police Department Welcomes New Police Officers

The Worcester Police Department welcomed 28 new officers into its ranks at the graduation of Police Academy class 09-22 on Friday.

The auditorium at Worcester Vocational High School was packed with family, friends, and law enforcement from the region and from around Massachusetts.

Prior to graduating Friday, the new Worcester Police Officers “Received intense training, which began in September 2022 and lasted 23 weeks,” said Worcester Police Spokesperson Katie Shea. “Worcester is one of only thirteen municipalities state-wide that has its own police academy.”

Worcester City Manager Eric Batista administered the oath to the new officers who are:

Wesley Lojko

Jonathan Winbush

Jonathan Rodriguez 

Trevon Cooper

Michael Genese 

Timothy Cullen 

Aaron Petricca 

Jacob Molstad 

Taylor Boucher 

Nazriel De Desus 

Brianna Tortora 

Mason Mattero 

Alfred Iraola 

Alphonse Caruso 

Dylan Dangelo 

Michael Monfredo

Abdul Sebbai 

Luis Ortiz 

Prince Boateng 

Kimberly Friedland 

Ryan Anderson 

Daniel Cimpan 

Anthony Borci 

Brendan Friend 

Elmer Diaz 

Fernando Castro 

Michael Fitton 

Jack Dube

Class 09-22 has 12 minority recruits, 3 female recruits, and languages spoken, including Spanish, Albanian, and Italian. 

Newly Sworn Worcester Police Officers Abdul Sebbai and Nazriel De Desus with Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D Early talked with Crime Trackers Massachusetts following the graduation ceremony.

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